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Buy Qsymia online

Qsymia contains a mixture of phentermine associated topiramate in an extended-release capsule. Phentermine is an suppressant just like an amphetamine. Topiramate is often used as a seizure medication, conjointly known as an anticonvulsant. Buy Qsymia online

Qsymia is employed along side diet and exercise to treat fat. This medication is usually accustomed treat obesity that could also be associated with diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.

Qsymia won’t treat any these underlying conditions. Keep mistreatment the other medicines your doctor has prescribed to treat these conditions. Buy Qsymia

Important Information about Qsymia

Do not use Qsymia if you’re pregnant or if you become pregnant. This medication could increase the danger of a congenital disorder known as cheiloschisis and roof of the mouth in an exceedingly newborn.

You shouldn’t take Qsymia if you’re allergic to phentermine (Adipex-P, Oby-Cap, Suprenza, T-Diet, Zantryl) or topiramate (Topamax), or if you have got eye disease or hyperactive thyroid.

Before you’re taking Qsymia, tell your doctor if you have got high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, liver or urinary organ disease, low blood levels of potassium, or if you have had a attack or stroke within the past six months.

Phentermine could also be addictive {and should|and will|and could} be used solely by the person for whom it had been prescribed. Keep the medication in an exceedingly secure place wherever others cannot get to it. Do not stop taking Qsymia suddenly, or you may have a seizure (convulsions). You may must use less and fewer before you stop the medication completely. Ask your doctor the way to avoid seizures once you stop mistreatment Qsymia

Topiramate could cause vision issues that are often permanent if not treated quickly. Call your doctor promptly if you have got a unexpected decrease in vision. Buy Qsymia from canada

Some individuals have thoughts concerning suicide whereas taking topiramate. Stay responsive to changes in your mood or symptoms. Report any new or worsening symptoms to your doctor. Buy Qsymia UK

Tell your doctor if you have got quick or pounding heartbeats whereas you’re resting.

Qsymia dosing data

Usual Adult Dose of Qsymia for Weight Loss:

-Initial dose: Take one capsule of rock bottom dose (phentermine 3.75 mg/topiramate twenty three mg extended-release) orally once every day within the morning for the primary fourteen days.

-Maintenance dose: After fourteen days, take one capsule of the counseled dose (phentermine 7.5 mg/topiramate forty six mg extended-release) orally once every day within the morning.

Weight loss ought to be evaluated once twelve weeks with phentermine 7.5 mg/topiramate forty six mg extended-release. If a patient has not lost a minimum of three% of baseline body weight, treatment discontinuance or dose step-up should be thought-about because it is unlikely the patient can reach and sustain clinically meaning weight loss at this dose.

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Use: Adjunct to a reduced-calorie diet associated hyperbolic physical activity for chronic weight management in patients with an initial body mass index (BMI) of thirty kg/m2 or larger (obese) OR twenty seven kg/m2 or greater (overweight) within the presence of a minimum of one weight-related comorbidity like hypertension, sort a pair of polygenic disease mellitus, or dyslipidemia.

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3.75mg-23mg, 7.5mg-46mg, 11.25-69mg, 15mg-92mg


60 capsules, 120 capsules, 180 capsules, 240 capsules

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